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Ginger Ray

Ginger Ray Halloween Hanging Paper Party Decorations

Ginger Ray Halloween Hanging Paper Party Decorations

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Decorate for the spooky season with these fun character Halloween honeycomb decorations.

These Halloween hanging paper party decorations can easily be hung from walls, doorways and around your room to create a fun Halloween party.

Each pack contains:
1 x 5" Purple honeycomb
1 x 5" Black honeycomb
1 x 10" White honeycomb
1 x 10" Teal honeycomb
1 x 10" Peach honeycomb
2 x Card spiders, measuring 4.9cm (H) x 5.7cm (W)
1 x Card bat, measuring 3.9cm (H) x 9.9cm (W)
1 x Card pumpkin, measuring 5cm (H) x 6cm (W)
1 x Card witch, measuring 24.7cm (H) x 22.7cm (W)
1 x Card skeleton, measuring 33.1cm (H) x 11.7cm (W)
1 x card Dracula, measuring 25.2cm (H) x 11.3cm (W)

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